Fiduciary Duties
Law is society's quest for integrity.
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The 1st Edition
The eBook edition (2013)
Advancing new concepts in publishing
This is the 2d Edition of THE LAW OF FIDUCIARY DUTIES, a comprehensive exposition of those duties wherever they appear. First published in 2000, it has been cited by California courts of appeal and the Supreme Court. It includes extensive analysis of the California authorities. This eBook incorporates many diagrams, animations, storyboards, and other content augmentation devices.
This Book is Continually Updated
Recent Changes
Updates during June to Section 7:17, regarding anti-SLAPP motions, added May 2013. Improvements to Sec. 1:2, regarding the creation of trusts. And page through this small booklet to see a log of all recent changes to the Library.
What You Can Do With this eBook
This eBook allows you to do much more than merely SEARCH for cases and FIND the law: it helps you UNDERSTAND the law, LEARN the law, and ENJOY the law. It also allows you to DISCUSS the law with your colleagues and clients. You can read this eBook on almost any device connected to the internet - but of course, bigger screens are more comfortable to view.
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